January 25, 2018

The number of Americans with criminal convictions in their background has increased due to the increase in enforcement of drug laws. So when the Recession brought layoffs, the challenge to find employment when the applicant has a criminal record became the focus of many state and local lawmakers. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco adopted “Ban-the-Box” laws, requiring employers in those jurisdictions to eliminate the box from applications that require disclosure of criminal history information. Since Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1008, it is now state law that employers of 5 or more people are not be permitted to inquire into criminal history until after a job offer is first made. A job offer is allowed to be made conditionally upon the successful completion of a criminal background check, but there are strict limits on how such information can be used to disqualify an applicant and there will be disclosure requirements for the employer and an opportunity for the applicant to respond.

AMB’s Kathy Eppright has been interviewed twice on the topic.

The first KSBY News interview was ahead of Governor Brown’s signing of the bill in September. Click here for the story.


In December, when the law took effect, Eppright was once again interviewed by KSBY News. Click here for the story.