July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017

The 2017 Andre, Morris & Buttery Central Coast Business Symposium featured three very different speakers with a common theme: managing change.

AMB has been hosting the symposium since the firm’s 60th anniversary in 2008. This year a crowd of 400 heard from best-selling author and employee retention expert Sharon Jordan-Evans, entrepreneur and media pioneer Stanley Fields and former Cal Poly baseball sensation Matt Imhof.

  • Jordan-Evans spoke about the challenge of retaining talent in an ever-changing workforce. Her primary message: Ask. Ask key employees who you do not want to lose what they need and want, and then try — really try — to accommodate them. The reward is often a more dedicated, committed employee.
  • Fields, the founder, chief executive officer and chief financial officer of United News International, jolted attendees with details of the sweeping changes in news media. His primary message: Adapt. Find new ways, and don’t give up or be overwhelmed by all the noise. And for the people personally uninterested in using social media, Stanley had a final bit of advice: “Get a millennial to do it.”
  • Former Cal Poly Mustang pitcher Matt Imhof shared his inspiring story of how he adapted to a debilitating injury he suffered injury while pitching as a top prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. Matt’s story was a moving one, with a simple message: Embrace change. Accept it, find a path and move on, which he did by returning to Cal Poly to finish his business degree. Imhof graduated in June and in September will join the staff of a wealth management firm that represents professional athletes.

Joining AMB as Symposium sponsors were local firms Glenn Burdette, Morris & Garritano Insurance, CRS, Thoma Electric, BCA, Presqu’ile Wines and Pacific Premier Bank.

Central Coast Business Symposium 2017, Matt Imhoff

Central Coast Business Symposium 2017, Thoma Electric

Central Coast Business Symposium 2017, Sharon Jordan-Evans

Central Coast Business Symposium 2017, Andre, Morris & Buttery

Central Coast Business Symposium_Santa Maria Valley Chamber

Central Coast Business Symposium 2017, Glenn Burdette

The Pitch: Overcoming a Devastating Setback – presentation by Matt Imhof

Love ‘em or Lose ‘Em: Engaging & Retaining Talent – presentation by Sharon Jordan-Evans

Real, Fake, or In between: How the Difference Can Impact Business

Presentation from AMB Symposium 2017 by Stanley Fields

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