October 4, 2017

Along with her J.D., Kathy Eppright can now add AWI-CH after her name to highlight her expertise in conducting workplace investigations.

Kathy has been doing workplace investigations for about 15 years and over that time the need and standards for conducting investigations of workplace complaints has dramatically changed. In 2016, California added new regulations requiring employers to use “qualified personnel” to conduct an “impartial and timely investigation” of complaints of harassment and discrimination. Specific standards and best practices for conducting a workplace investigation have evolved over the years and being able to demonstrate that an employer’s investigation met those standards is critical to the successful defense of a subsequent lawsuit or claim.

In order to keep pace with the developing standards and hone her skills, Kathy attended the first accredited certificate program sponsored by the Association of Workplace Investigators (“AWI”). The AWI Training Institute is a rigorous program that consists of four days of training and a half day of testing. The testing includes a knowledge test, an analysis and report writing test and even a 20-minute in-person interview test. Kathy recently learned that she passed and is now an AWI Certificate Holder. In addition, she has been selected to be a member of the seven-person part-time faculty panel for the 2018 AWI Training Institute, which will take place in Santa Barbara next year.

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