June 7, 2010

Andre, Morris & Buttery and Morris & Garritano Offer Employment Seminar

San Luis Obispo – Andre, Morris & Buttery attorneys and employment law specialists Collette Hiller and Kathy Eppright were featured speakers at a recent Central Coast business leaders’ seminar. The daylong event focused on HR management for companies and organizations of all sizes and was hosted by AMB and Morris & Garritano Insurance. The PowerPoint presentations used by Ms. Hillier and Ms. Eppright are available in PDF format via the attachments below. Further information is available by contacting Kathy Eppright at keprright@amblaw.com or Collette Hillier at chillier@amblaw.com; For complete event pre-release click here.

Colette Hillier HR Basics: The Life of an Employee
Collette Hillier

Kathy Eppright HR Basics: The Life of an Employee Part 2
Kathy Eppright

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