May 26, 2017

A best-selling author with advice for keeping good talent, a lifelong entrepreneur with a unique take on today’s journalism and a former Major League prospect who overcame adversity will all speak at this year’s Central Coast Business Symposium, hosted by Andre, Morris & Buttery, Thursday June 15.

The 9th annual invitation-only event, taking place from 2:30-5:30 p.m. at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande, allows local leaders to gather and explore new ideas for improving our businesses and the community.

This year, Sharon Jordan Evans, an author and expert in employee retention and engagement, will discuss how to attract and retain great talent in the workplace. Stanley Fields, CEO of United News International, will discuss how we access news and information today – and how we determine what to trust. And Matt Imhof, a former Cal Poly baseball standout drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, will talk about how he overcame a career-ending injury and turned it into a new opportunity.

Reserve your seat by registering online at by June 8.

Presented in partnership with: CRS Digital Imaging, Thoma Electric, Morris & Garritano, Glenn Burdette, Barnett Cox & Associates, Pacific Premier Bank, and Presqu’ile

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